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Protect your family's health by testing your home.

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Mold Testing


The presence of mold can cause mild to major health issues to the occupant. It can also lead to structural damage of the home. With respiratory viruses this is more important than ever.

Results within 3-5 days

Radon Screening


According to the EPA, Utah has moderate to severe radon gas levels. 1 out of 3 Utah homes are reported to be at dangerous levels of radon gas. We recommend a getting a Radon Test for every home.

Results: Same Day

Meth Detection


Meth residue is almost impossible to detect without testing. It's harmful to humans and pets. It is costly to remove.

Results within 4-5 days.

Sewer Scope


Sewer lines back up for various reasons. Things like tree root intrusion, settling of sewer line, items being flushed down the toilet, and decades of sewer build up can cause odor and damage.

Results: Same Day

Water Testing


Water contamination can expose you to harmful chemicals that you can’t see, taste, or smell. Homes that have galvanized pipes, copper pipes with lead solder, and homes that use well water are highly susceptible.

Results: 3-4 days

Environmental Testing services

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*Additional charges may apply for credit card fees, long distances, older homes, crawl spaces, and multi-units and/or buildings. Multiple promotions can not be combined. Ask your home inspector about bundle discounts.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why should I get environmental testing?

We believe in treating our customers like family, environmental testing is a safe, inexpensive way of protecting your family's health from undiscovered dangers. Give yourself peace of mind while making such a large and important investment.

Can environmental testing help me as a buyer?

Yes, Absolutely! Environmental testing gives you the vital information needed prior to the purchase of the home. Information that can help protect your family and pets from potential health and financial hazards that many homebuyers commonly incur.

Are all environmental tests necessary on every home?

No. Some recommendations can only be determined after a thorough examination of the home.

Can I get a discount for doing multiple tests?

Yes! When AHI has determined that multiple tests are necessary, AHI may offer a bundle discount.

How long does it usually take to get environmental test results?

Anywhere from the same day to three days depending on the type of test. Next day tests are available on all tests. (additional fees apply).

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